Hessdalen Observatory


Hessdalen Observatory is located at 975m altitude, on the highest mountain in the center of the Hesdalen valley. The station is in a preliminary test phase and is expected to deliver continuous data from October 2019. The observatory´s location is also well suited for aurora borealis observations.


Sopronbánfalva Geodynamic Observatory

Sopronbánfalva Geodynamic Observatory (SGO), Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.SGO is located on the Hungarian-Austrian border in the Sopron Mountains. The area belongs to the extensions of the Eastern Alps represented by crystalline rocks and is characterized by their outcrops in this Lower Alps region.


INESCTEC Atmospheric station Porto

Station measuring simultaneously environmental radioactivity (gamma radiation and atmospheric radon concentration) and atmospheric electric field in Porto, Portugal.

Gamma dose rate

Gamma dose rate (nSv/hr) available at all SRPNA stations. At stations Niš, Novi Sad, Kosovska Mitrovica, Palić, Vranje and Zlatibor also precipitation (mm) is available. Data available online at: http://www.srbatom.gov.rs/srbatom/zracenje/index.htm .