Digital ionosonde data

Ionospheric sounding
Date from
!Please note that if no Date to: appears below, the measurements are ongoing!
Time resolution
15 Minutes
Instrument manufacturer
Data type
Location of measured variable
upper atmosphere
Other info

The data consist of:

Total electron content (TEC), Critical Frequency of E-layer, foEs (MHz), Critical Frequency of F1-layer, foF1 (MHz),
Critical Frequency of F2-layer, foF2 (MHz), Peak height of E-layer, foEs (km), Peak height of F1-layer, foF1 (km),
Peak height of F2-layer, foF2 (km), Ionograms and Electron density profiles.

The time resolution is 15 min for 2008-2011, 5 min for 2012-2014 and 7.5 min from 2015-now.