Serbian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

44.777099718167, 20.46561317531

SRPNA (Serbian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency) operates the following stations:

Belgrade  44°48’N 20°28’E
Niš 43°19’N 21°54’E
Kladovo 44°36’/22°36’E
Kosovska Mitrovica 42°53’N 20°52’E
Novi Sad 45°15’N 19°50’E
Palić 46°06’N 19°46’E
Vinča 44°45’N 20°36’E
Vranje 42°33’N 21°53’E
Zlatibor 43°43’N 19°42’E

If you are an ElectroNet (CA15211) participant, you can also request information regarding data by ElectroNet Management Committee member Dr. Snezana Dragovic, Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, University of Belgrade, Serbia at [email protected] .

Contact person
Full name
Sladjan Melinov
Serbian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency

Masarikova 5, Belgrade


Measured variables

Title Name Sort descending Data type Date from Date to Time resolution Instrument manufacturer Location
Gamma dose rate Environmental radioactivity in-situ Ongoing 30 Minutes Geiger-Mueller counter; Ionization chamber ground