First Product

First Product


Phosfluorescently e-enable adaptive synergy for strategic quality vectors. Continually transform fully tested expertise with competitive technologies. Appropriately communicate adaptive imperatives rather than value-added potentialities. Conveniently harness frictionless outsourcing whereas state of the art interfaces. Quickly enable prospective technology rather than open-source technologies.

DUTH Station

PG Station

Site Location: Demokritus University of Thrace, Campus, 67100 Kimeria-Xanthi, Greece. Type: rural.
At the edge of a smooth, S-facing slope with a valley reaching the seashore about 20 km to the S and the E-W oriented Rodopi Mountain Range located to the N. 1.7 km from Xanthi (population 65,000). Ground surface: Soil and grass. Light-traffic road oriented east– west [traffic density of 10 (nighttime) to 150 (rush hours) cars/hr 120 m to the S. No obstacles closer than 30 m, protruding <18° above the horizon.

The station measures PG and meteorological variables.  


ELF time series of the Ez, HEast-West and HNorth-South field components. Time resolution is 3.33-2 ms. Effective bandwidth is 5-30 Hz.