Aragats research station

The Aragats high-altitude research station operates by Cosmic Ray Division (CRD ) of the Artem Alikhanyan National Laboratory (AANL) in Armenia and host international collaboration named Aragats Space-environmental Center (ASEC). ASEC explores the activity of our own star, the Sun, and is developing Space Weather early warning systems and techniques to protect vital systems from damaging effects of solar eruptions. Recently the study of thunderstorm activity and their triggers has also become a topic of intense study and is being vigorously pursued by ASEC's scientists.

Digital ionosonde data

The data consist of:

Total electron content (TEC), Critical Frequency of E-layer, foEs (MHz), Critical Frequency of F1-layer, foF1 (MHz),
Critical Frequency of F2-layer, foF2 (MHz), Peak height of E-layer, foEs (km), Peak height of F1-layer, foF1 (km),
Peak height of F2-layer, foF2 (km), Ionograms and Electron density profiles.

The time resolution is 15 min for 2008-2011, 5 min for 2012-2014 and 7.5 min from 2015-now.

Potential Gradient

Rotating dipole field mill. The field mill’s frequency bandwidth is from 0 to 10 Hz, sensitivity 2 V/m, amplitude range ± 1500 V/m, and the output
voltage of ±3.5 V. The system requires 12 V buffer power supply. The field mills are mounted on steel support towers with a boom 2.5 m above the surface.